• Nikol Duman str.
  • Nikol Duman str.
  • Nikol Duman str.

Nikol Duman str.

Price: 12,000 $ / Monthly
Address: Nikol Duman str.
Rooms: 8
Type: House
Building Type: Monolith New construction
Code: H035
Region:/City: Arabkir, Yerevan
Floor: 4 /4
Area (sq.m.): 1300
Renovation: Designer

Land area: 1300 square meters
Living area: 1000 square meters

4-storied 8-room private house is for rent in Arabkir, on Nikol Duman street. The house has a luxurious renovation, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, stone fence, garden, summer kitchen, indoor pool, sauna, gym, guard post, parking, remote controlled gates. It is rented together with furniture and equipment only with a long-term contract.

* Price does not include other payments (tax, utility payments)
* Prepayment
* Commission fee

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Findup Real Estate - Naira

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