Promoting a luxury estate for an international clientele requires precise expertise. Lionard Luxury Real Estate employs a team of professionals, putting together multiple skills. Thanks to their work, we are able to fully describe and enhance all properties in our portfolio. Not only from a technical point of view. The emotional element is often crucial when buying a luxury estate. You are not only buying something which is necessary, but also something you have dreamt about for a long time.

As we are sure of this approach, Lionard's expert team have based their selling strategies on bespoke solutions, based on a mix of tools and a multitude of variables: from the kind of estate to its explicit and implicit features. The marketing of a property, therefore, not only involves creating a property fact sheet on our website or published on our luxury magazine, BE LIONARD. The awe-inspiring videos shot thanks to drones, the exclusive photo-descriptive books used to enhance the distinctive features of the luxury estates for sale, and the professional photoshoots are other strong tools we base our activities on. On request of the vendor, these precious marketing and communication supports are sent to the clients on Lionard's database. If you wish and ask for it, Lionard Luxury Real Estate is also able to promote your property's fact sheet in international networks, through Search-Engine-Marketing campaigns on the major search engines.

And don't forget the international visibility has. As it is not only translated in the six main languages spoken in the luxury real estate market, every advertisement can be seen by clients all over the world. For every service offered to our clients – both owners and buyers – Lionard Luxury Real Estate guarantees utmost privacy and discretion. We offer, in fact, the chance to publish the estate on private area of our website, which is accessible only to users that have received our credentials. All this to guarantee utmost privacy.